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We remember fondly Mam Lauretta Ncgobo (1931-2015), teacher, author and feminist. Mam Lauretta, thank you for your inspiration, your spirit, your work, and for being with us as the 2013 Guest of the Jozi Book Fair. We will continue to celebrate your life by making your work known to our youth and our children.




"After a successful fair this year, Jozi Book Fair prepares for 2016 with schools and teachers. Watch this space for details!"

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From left to right: JBF Director Dr M Van Driel  explaning objectives of JBF and its relation to schools and teachers, Teachers browising through KCJBF resources

The Jozi Book Fair launched the guest of the 7th Fair, Gcina Mhlophe, on the 13 of February2015 in Yeoville Boys Primary School. At least 8 schools attended the event together with their teachers. After an hour of learners engaging with each other, Gcina Mhlophe's embodies performance and resounding voice filled the Yeoville Boys Primary School Hall with charged energy. Beginning with a song that asks for the embrace of the African child, Mhlophe immediately drew attention of her teachers and pupils' audience.