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Dear Friends
Jozi Book Fair (JBF) is the fair for everyone, for readers, writers, small and indigenous publishers, self-publishers, schools, libraries and the public. The aim of the JBF is to develop and deepen a reading and writing culture amongst everyone, especially children, teenagers, students, adults and the elderly.
We need to read to understand the world we live in, to have fun, and to ensure democracy and tolerance in South Africa and beyond.
This year the dates for the 6th Annual Jozi Book Fair have been changed to 26-27 September 2014 to enable students at colleges and universities to attend. The venue for the Fair has also been shifted to Central Johannesburg College in Doornfontein (click here for map) to accommodate the increasing numbers of exhibitors, events and the increased attendance from schools, youth, adults and the public. This venue is accessible to public transport, and is a popular and secure sports and cultural area (next to Ellis Park, Johannesburg Stadium and Standard Bank Arena). The JBF is growing and needs your continued support.
2014 JBF Theme
This year we will host the 6th annual fair, and the theme of the JBF is Reading the word and the world: the role of bookclubs. This year the JBF will focus especially on the support and formation of book clubs.
Book clubs
Book clubs are an exciting and informal way to encourage people to read, to have fun together, to socialise and to discuss and learn together. Book clubs can meet almost anywhere, in a park, at home, in a coffee shop, a church, a community hall, a school, a university or a workplace. Book clubs can also communicate and share information about books and authors with each other. Most of all, book clubs can choose when to meet and what to read. This makes reading even more fun! Join us: form a book club and build a readers movement whether you are at school, at home, at work, in a community or a library.
For more information about setting up a book club or to register your book club with the JBF Book Club Network click here.
Last year’s Fair
More than 2 500 people attended the Annual Fair event at Museum Africa in Newtown on 25-26 October 2013. The Fair grew to more than 100 events and included seminars, workshops, roundtable discussions, a film festival, a photographic exhibitions, book launches and workshops on writing, making comics, hip hop, drama and scriptwriting. What was very significant is that more than 70% of the events was hosted by the public - ngos, self publishers, publishers, libraries and the public - for the public. We were only responsible for 30% of the programme. (For information on last year’s programme please go to our Archive.)
JBF 1st Reading Ambassador
During last year’s Book Fair we chose the first Jozi Book Fair Reading Ambassador, Luli Callinicos, to promote reading and writing in urban and rural areas, in all communities and in all languages. This year we are working to ensure that there are reading ambassadors in many communities. To find out more about the role of the Reading Ambassador and about Luli Callinicos, click here.
JBF Projects promote reading culture
Besides the annual book fair that occurs once a year, the JBF has many other projects that promote reading and writing throughout the year. These include:
  • The readers project
  • The writers project
  • The small and indigenous publishers project
  •  The children’s project and
  • Our monthly electronic newsletter, My Class
These projects are run together with various constituencies, including community organisations, schools, libraries and members of the public. If you would like more information, please click here or contact us.
About Khanya College
The JBF is a project of Khanya College, a not for profit organisation with our roots in the anti-apartheid struggle. Reading and writing is a basic human right, integral to social justice. In 2009 Khanya College formed the JBF as part of the movement for social justice in South Africa and beyond. Since then the JBF has grown tremendously and remains oriented to building a culture of reading and writing, and through this, to strengthen democracy, citizenship and tolerance.
Contact us
You can also communicate with the JBF and its many friends through our facebook and twitter or email us at jozibookfair@khanyacollege.org.za or Telephone us on 011-3369190 or Fax 011-3369196. Our website is www.jozibookfair.org.za