Back Issues of My Class

Issue No 30. Theme: Youth Rising

Issue No 29. Theme: Children’s Literature & Childhood

Issue No 28. Guest of Fair, Zakes Mda @ JBF 2014

Issue No 27. Popular JBF ‘Guest’ at Edinburgh Book Festival

Issue No 26. JBF 2013: A great success! (Online edition)

Issue No 25. Publishing in South Africa: some indicators

Issue No 24. JBF at Gothenburg!

Issue No 23. Issa Shivji: Academic & Activist

Issue No 22. JBF Programe Launch

Issue No 21. Guest of JBF: Walter Bgoya

Issue No 20. Conference on Literacy

Issue No 19. Ahead of COP 17: Durban’s Climate Gamble

Issue No 18. The impact of social media on reading books

Issue No 17. Ellen Banda Aaku

Issue No 16.

Exhibitor Profiles

Issue No 15. For the love of literature

Issue No 14. Creative writing

Issue No 13. Importance of reading to children

Issue No 12. Importance of writing Indigenous Languages

Issue No.11. The sol Plaatji Festival

Issue No.10. JBF 2010:Women's writing workshop

Issue No.9. First edition of National Book Week

Issue No.8. Mother Tongue Literature & Publishing Workshop

Issue No.7. National Book Week 2010

Issue No.6. My Class celebrates Women's Day

Issue No.5. The Poverty Trap Roundtable

Issue No.4. Profile exhibitors to the Jozi Book Fair 2010

Issue No.3. Encounters session

Issue No.2. Jozi Book Fair: 7, 8 and 9 August 2010

Issue No.1. Welcome to Jozi Book Fair 2010!