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JOZI BOOK FAIR 2012 – Conference and Annual Book Fair
Jozi Book Fair Some of the major challenges facing post apartheid South Africa are unemployment, skills development and the general improvement in the quality of life for the mass of historically disadvantaged communities. These and many other challenges can be traced and linked to a weak culture of reading and writing in South Africa’s historically disadvantaged communities. In Khanya College’s movement building work it has become clear that the work of education, of building a strong leadership cadre and strong organisation, and of social mobilisation in general, the lack of a strong culture of reading stands as a major barrier to achieving these objectives. In particular, our work with study groups, and with the production of media for social movements has come up against this weak culture of reading and writing. The overall objective of the Jozi Book Fair (JBF) is to provide a public, visible platform, where key social partners can come together and promote a culture of reading and writing.

After a review of the past three editions of the JBF since 2009, Khanya College decided to have a closer focus on developing a culture of reading and writing. In order to facilitate a greater focus on the organising of the Fair Khanya College also decided to shift the date of the Book Fair to October. We also decided that the JBF should focus on a particular theme and constituency base; at the same time mindful of its overall appeal to other constituencies and the broader public. We hope that by focusing on specific constituencies as the anchor to the different editions of the book fair, we can contribute more directly and meaningfully to helping these constituencies build stronger movements of readers, writers and publishers. The College will be engaging the traditional support base of the Book Fair to discuss these changes in orientation, and to look at ways of strengthening their participation in the book fair in the coming period.

4th JBF: A focus on Adult Literacy We are happy to announce that this year the 4th Jozi Book Fair (JBF) will take place from 27-28th October in Johannesburg, and will be preceeded by a conference on the literacy movement on the 26th . The JBF’s theme this year will focus on the ‘State of adult literacy in South Africa: from Apartheid to post-Apartheid democracy’.

JBF Co-partners This year Khanya College has partnered with key three organisations in the adult literacy sector – the Tembaletu Trust based in Pietermaritzburg, the Centre for Education Rights and Transformation based at the University of Johannesburg and the DVV International based in Cape Town. These organisations have all participated in the education, literacy and social justice movement in South Africa. Through our collaboration we aim to ensure that as many literacy organisations as possible participate, and that the Jozi Book Fair, reflects the literacy movement in South Africa, and the key issues and concerns that arise from this movement.

Conference & FAIR This year the JBF will open with a Conference on Adult Literacy on 26th October. The conference will include an overview assessment of the literacy movement in South Africa from Apartheid to the current post Apartheid democratic period. Discussions will include: understanding the context and orientation of the literacy movement historically, reflecting on methodologies and educational materials; community mobilisation and strategies for deepen adult literacy, publishing within the literacy movement past and present, and the role of the literacy movement in promoting indigenous languages in South and Southern Africa today. The Annual Jozi Book Fair will proceed on 27th - 28th October, at Museum Africa, in Newtown, Johannesburg. The Fair will include the participation of the literacy movement in South Africa, literacy organisations exhibiting their work, educational discussions, seminars, book launches, debates, roundtables, films and storytelling. In addition to these organisations, the Book Fair will include exhibitions by the traditional constituencies of small publishers, self-publishers and the broader publishing community in South and Southern Africa.

To register to participate in the JBF Conference on Adult Literacy and to exhibit or host an event at the JBF, please download and fill in the following form.
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Regards, Jozi Book Fair Team

For more information contact Portia Mosia at 011-336 9190 or jozibookfair@khanyacollege.org.z